A brand that books is so much more than a well-lit headshot... but we do that too!

You are your brand. It's time to highlight what that really means - and we're here to help, from start to finish.

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Humans are fascinating, memorable, and distinct… so is your brand. Every single service that we offer is firmly rooted in discovering your "why" in business, and creating a strong, beautiful brand from that. 

Our visual brand agency team is here to guide you through what it takes to show up powerfully online, and therefore begin building the business (and life) of your dreams.

Hi, I'm Lindley, a photographer, and small business owner who is obsessed with tacos, wine, and communicating the unique story of a brand. I evolved my photography business into a fully comprehensive visual brand agency after spotting a large issue in the industry: the emphasis on developing a brand identity. Now, I'm thrilled to have a team of highly passionate and intelligent individuals who are ready to fall obsessed with your brand (along with the rest of the world).

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What you’ll gain

+ Clarity and direction of your brand’s identity and your differentiated market offering

+ Elevated visuals, design, digital touch-points, and copywriting to attract that target consumer

+ Education of how to maintain your brand, from the tools and resources we provide

+ A Passionate Team of specialized artists, communicators, and strategists to help you every step of the way

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What clients are saying

"Without a doubt, Lindley never fails to exceed our expectations throughout the entire process of our multiple (because she's that good!) branding sessions for our business. She time and time again is able to pull our scattered thoughts and ideas together to create a beautiful, consistent look in all of her images and then goes above and beyond to help with strategies on how to present the images across our platforms.  

I’m so excited to be able to share the person behind the brand for the first time in my business in a way that I am proud of and able to connect to my clients and potential customers in a way that I haven’t been able to before. i’m able to share my story through a photo and it’s going to allow me to add a whole new element to my marketing strategy. 

It can be scary anytime you spend money on your business, however every penny was worth this shoot. I now have amazing branded photos (that will last me a LONG time) to elevate my business. They perfectly captured my personality and what I want my business to convey to potential clients when they see it. Don’t think twice here!

Jamie / Fiddle & fig

Elisha / petal flower co

Ashley / Nassar Creative


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