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February 20, 2020

Lindley Battle

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The Onliness Statement

Tapping into your Core Brand Messaging

In his Brand Strategy book “Zag” Marty Neumeier discusses the concept of an Onliness Statement, which just means defining what sets your brand apart from your competitors. Even if the product or service you’re offering is similar to someone else in your area or competitive market, there is something that sets you apart.

While it’s definitely not necessary to outline this entire statement for your potential clients, understanding what makes you unique is a powerful tool in your brand messaging. You may not be the only yoga studio in the area, but you are the only one who offers a modern and minimally designed interior for clients with stressful lives

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A small business branding photographer captures business details during a business and personal branding photography session.


You’re not just another yoga studio in the area. Instead you are:

  • What: The only upscale, modern yoga studio
  • How: that provides a high-end relaxation experience
  • Who: for busy entrepreneurs that need to unwind
  • Where: living or holidaying in Winston Salem
  • Why: who don’t just want to do yoga, but want an hour out of their day where they don’t have to be on at all
  • When: in a time where people never get to fully turn off

You’re not just another day spa, you are:

  • What: The ONLY day spa with a health and environmentally responsible approach
  • How: that provides clean products and a zero-waste environment
  • Who: for women who deeply care about the environment but still want a luxury experience
  • Where: in Washington, DC
  • Why: who want to feel radiant without sacrificing the health of the planet or their bodies
  • When: in an age of building environmental awareness

You’re not just another branding photographer, you are:

  • What: The ONLY branding photographer
  • How: that focuses on consistently producing fresh education and support for her branding clients
  • Who: for passionate entrepreneurs who want to excel about the rest
  • Where: serving business owners up and down the East Coast
  • Why: who want to set themselves apart
  • When: In a world where everyone can start a business, but don’t have the time or energy to do the research on their own.


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