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May 26, 2022

Lindley Battle

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Every day, we see new businesses pop up around us while old businesses strive to reorient themselves in our quickly expanding world. With new and old businesses alike, many people find that they’re struggling to create and maintain a successful branding strategy that will propel them into future success.

We have a secret for you–the key words here are “branding strategy.”  Without a well-defined strategy, your brand lacks both that je ne sais quoi and true path toward achieving future business goals.

In order to build your best brand, you want to be intentional with your strategy as well as all public-facing content. It’s important you believe in the brand work you’re doing; you want to be proud of it. Luckily, we’re here to help you along the way!

As a business that specializes in luxury branding, we have tried and true tips that will assist you in creating and maintaining the most successful version of your brand. 


Giving a thoughtful and attentive eye to your public-facing content is so, so important. Your dream clients will be able to perceive the difference between brand campaigns that are done carefully and with an artful eye versus ones that were put forth without much consideration.

The feeling your customers walk away with is truly paramount to the success of your brand. They want the thoughtfulness and consideration you put into your work. They want to buy from businesses that they know have curated their goods and services, and they see this curation through your purposeful brand development.


Presenting consistency across all platforms where you share your brand is arguably the most crucial aspect of brand development. Consistency, lots of times, is equated with credibility. We naturally trust businesses that not only look and feel the same but those who are consistent with the values they share. 

One of the simpler ways to achieve consistency is through the smaller details of your business and brand. For instance, what color schemes, font styles, and tone of voice fits with your business? Are you a brand that uses bright, bold colors, or do muted hues work best? Is your brand voice more formal, or is it on the conversational side? While these may seem like tedious details, they’re exceptionally crucial to your brand’s distinction and success.

Aesthetics & Voice

In connection with consistency, aesthetic awareness and tone of voice are insanely important. For instance, what color schemes, font styles, and word choice work best with your business? Are you a brand that uses bright, bold colors, or do muted hues work best? Which font styles fit your brand? Is your brand voice more formal, or is it on the conversational side? 

While these may seem like tedious details, they’re exceptionally crucial to your brand’s distinction and success. Thankfully, these smaller aesthetic details of your brand are some of the simpler ways you can achieve consistency and show your dream clients exactly who you are.

Brand Photography

Brand photography is one of the most important elements when it comes to the presentation of your business. Sadly, we’ve also found that it’s one of the most overlooked elements, too. In line with the tone of voice of your brand’s written content, your visual content should speak to your customers in a relatable and consistent manner. The lighting, color schemes, and style of photography should be done purposefully so that your brand looks as visually stunning as you know it can be. 

While we may be a little bit biased, we’re also incredibly confident in the difference brand photography can make. Working with a professional photographer is a sure way to achieve not only a sense of cohesiveness in your visual flow, but to also set your brand apart from all the others. After all, this is the person with the artful eye, and they know just what to shoot to show off your business.


Above all, your brand must have an authentic feel to it. Just like thoughtfulness, your clients will innately feel a sense of authenticity from you (or if this is lacking). You want your clients to wholly connect to what you do because this connection is directly linked to your success. So, your brand values will need to be aligned with all your branding campaigns in both look and feel. 

For example, maybe you own a clothing business that’s built on sustainability and ethically sourced materials. From an aesthetic standpoint, it makes sense to use muted, earthy tones in your brand visuals, and your tone of voice should have a smooth but not emotionally overcooked feel to it. 

One way to foster authenticity and enhance your brand values is to back up what you say you stand for through community outreach. Are there local businesses that you work with to purchase your sustainable resources? Are there environmental nonprofit organizations you give a portion of your earnings to on a regular basis? These aspects of your business inevitably display the more accessible, authentic side of who you are and what you stand for.

At the end of the day, building your best brand comes with a measured degree of thoughtfulness and strategy. With some intentional planning and a focus on our above tips, we know you’ll be able to build your brand into its best version

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