Four Tips to Level Up Your Social Media Presence


June 8, 2022

Lindley Battle

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If we’re being honest (and we are, always), a strong social media presence is everything these days. That’s because social media builds brand awareness, and with greater awareness, the higher likelihood that you’ll see significant growth! 

The question is how to make your social media presence so undeniably strong that it attracts all the right visitors. When you have the right visitors, you’re bound to grow a meaningful following and turn people into loyal clients of your business. The ultimate goal is to make your content so amazing that people want to return for more, and hopefully become regular customers.


ICYMI: We’re huge proponents of consistency when it comes to curating a purposeful, enviable social media presence. Consistency helps establish your brand as one that means business. It also shows that, through the effort you’re putting in, you truly want to connect with your audience. 

With consistency, you want to be mindful of the quality of content you’re sharing. Think about who your dream clients are and what content will not only draw them to your business but keep them loyal to you as well. Quality always starts with consistency, and consistency on social media tends to come back to brand photography.


Brand photography (also known as our bread and butter) is one of the easiest ways to legitimize your business. Why’s that, you ask? It’s because cohesive brand images show that you’ve taken the time to define your own look, to define your own story. People want to learn or buy from businesses and brands that are polished and credible. 

When you work regularly with the same brand photographer, the content you gain for your brand will always have a clean, consistent look—and your dream clients will notice this. Moreover, you’ll also attract more clients because you’ll hook them when they visit your social media profiles (like your Instagram, for example), and they see a plethora of beautiful, curated images. So, while it may seem like a daunting investment, working with a specialist like a brand photographer will level up your social media game immensely.


In such a noisy digital landscape, your business can’t afford not to consult with experts. That’s why working with copywriters and social media managers will take your social media presence to the next level. A copywriter’s job is to literally study your brand, learn your tone of voice, and target your dream client in an authentic way through their silver-tongued superpowers. They want to make sure that your captions and stories are relevant to your audience, and they’ll work to boost your overall engagement. 

Social media managers obviously place a huge emphasis on how you appear to your followers. They’re focused on the presence your brand already has and how they can grow this exponentially. Working with a social media specialist will enhance your content and help you figure out key analytics—like who your target audience is and when your followers are most likely to engage with your content. A social media expert will also have all the secret knowledge about gaining followers, like which hashtags will reel in more visitors.


You’ve probably seen loads of social media posts, especially on Instagram, where the person who’s shared their post left a comment with a ton of hashtags. Maybe you’ve even wondered, What are those? Back in the day, we had the same question. 

Believe it or not, there’s a reason for all those hashtags, and it has to do with legitimate strategy. Hashtags are a way to gain greater visibility amongst people who are looking for the exact content you’re putting out. If you’re curious, you can click on any given hashtag, and a sea of photos under that category will pop up. So, when you use specific hashtags, you’re essentially reaching out to a certain audience and letting them know you want to engage with them.

We encourage you to not only use your own purposeful hashtags to help build your following and brand, but to also see what hashtags your competitors are using! You can investigate keywords they use to attract their own clients and strategize about which ones will work best for your own business. It’s a win-win.

By incorporating these four tips into your branding strategy, you’ll level up your overall social media presence in such an impactful way. Even if you can’t jump right in with using all our tips, find out where you can immediately make some changes for the better. Starting somewhere is better than staying stagnant—and we’re always here to help guide you!

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