Do You Need to Post Something on Your Socials Every Day?


July 27, 2022

Lindley Battle

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We one-thousand percent preach consistency when it comes to keeping up your social media game, but does that really mean you need to share a post every single day? 

Honestly, it depends on your brand. 

With all social media platforms, the goal of your consistent presence is to let your followers and potential clients know that you’re actively around, that you have important information or products you want to share with them, and that you can be easily reached. Still, this doesn’t mean that all brands have the same posting schedule or style.


If your brand is in the beginning stages of gaining followers and establishing its overall presence, it’s definitely a strong idea to share daily posts on your social media accounts. Let’s use Instagram as an example. 

Instagram is an excellent and highly-trafficked social media platform that most consumers turn to when initially investigating your brand. Your dream client wants to get a sense of who you are and what you’re all about, and your Instagram profile is an accessible way for them to do this. People will do some light (or heavy) social media stalking to see what products or services you offer, how high quality your Instagram feed is, and whether or not you have positive customer engagement.

Businesses and brands in the early stages of establishing themselves have a lot of opportunity for growth in the social media space. By posting something (an image, a story, a meme, or what have you) every day, you give yourself a chance to reach a new supply of followers. 

Fresh content each day will show your audience that you’re serious about what you’re doing and that you truly have something meaningful to share with them.


For businesses and brands that have a more established presence and wider audience base, it’s not completely necessary to post something on your socials every single day. This may mean that you post something every other day or post during weekdays only.

Figuring out a content schedule that works for you and achieves the greatest engagement is really what you’re seeking here. Are your followers responding well to your posts? Have you gained or lost followers, and do you have insights into why?

The overall goal with any social media platform should be to deliver intentional content to your dream clients. Give them branded images, branded copy, and branded stories that remind them why they’ve chosen your business. Give them consistency in a way that works best for you.


Daily posts aren’t going to impact you negatively, but it’s important to remember that all posts won’t necessarily receive the same number of likes or general engagement. Posting a few times a week may work better for your business, but that’s for you to determine. 

We encourage you to explore both options: posting daily or posting on a consistent basis a few times a week. Hint hint: Maybe you take a break from social media posting on the weekends. Track how your engagement is—followers lost or gained, number of likes received, number of visitors per story—and adjust from there. Nothing is fixed in this digital world, so there’s a ton of room for you to experiment and grow!

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