The Ultimate Dynamic Duo: Visual Branding & Digital Marketing


August 17, 2022

Lindley Battle

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Visual branding and digital marketing are two aspects of any business that we highly emphasize. Why? The answer is simple: To grow your business into the powerhouse that you want it to be, you have to intentionally brand yourself and get the word out about who you are and what you do. You have to plan for the places you’d like to go and the achievements you’d like to make—and you need a strategy for all this goodness to take place.

Without a clear strategy, it’s all too easy for your brand to disappear into the background before it really has a chance to thrive. That’s where premium visual branding and digital marketing come into play. The key is to know how these two crucially important elements of your business work together.


Visual branding—truly one of the utmost necessary aspects of any business. You want your brand to be immediately and distinctly recognized as your brand. This takes careful planning and measured steps. 

Investing in brand photography, if you haven’t already, should be at the forefront of any visual branding strategy. You want clean, crisp images that showcase the people and products (or services) that define your business.

Brand imagery communicates a sense of consistency and quality to your current and potential clients, letting them know that you’ve taken the time to organize and define your visual appearance. While at face-value that may seem trite, the truth is that consistent imagery is linked to credibility. People want to connect and work with brands that have taken the time to portray themselves in a sharp and unmistakable way. If your visual content isn’t the best it can be, you’ll undoubtedly lose potential clients.

To make sure your visual branding is top notch, you’ll want to create a color palette, font styles, and series of brand images that fit together naturally and seamlessly. Which hues and tones work for your brand? What font styles do you want to use, and are they easily read by your viewers? All these smaller, detailed parts mix together to make your visual branding strategy whole.


Digital marketing is how you promote your business through various digital platforms. It’s the thoughtful and streamlined way of presenting yourself through your website, social media accounts, and different email marketing campaigns.

So, once you have your visual branding strategy down, it’s time to put this into action through digital marketing. Think: What brand imagery can I use as visual assets in my email campaigns? What colors and fonts should I use for social media posts? These are just examples, but they’re significant parts of your digital marketing strategy—the end goal always being how to successfully spread the news of your brand and business in the online realm.

One part of your digital marketing strategy may be using a content calendar to deliberately deliver information about your brand on social media. Perhaps you post daily on Instagram, varying your content with details about services or deals you’re sharing, or showing off the people behind the brand.

No matter how you decide to get the message about your business out, you’ll want to do everything in a polished and authentic manner. Which messages and digital platforms work well for your brand? How can you incorporate visual branding in an artistic and deliberate way?


Any form of branding and marketing work in tandem, but it’s often that people assume they’re the exact same thing. The truth is they’re not—though they absolutely have overlapping qualities and purposes. 

Branding, especially visual branding, has everything to do with who you are and how your ideal clients come to perceive you. Marketing, on the other hand, has everything to do with how you actually tell the story of who you are to those dream clients. 

To grow your business into the best it can be, you need to utilize the strength of this dynamic duo: Make your visual branding and digital marketing strategies so fine-tuned and carefully done that your clients can’t wait to work with you. After all, that’s the goal.

All images were taken for Rice Toyota, a social media and branding client of our company.

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