Breaking Down SEO (For Creatives Who Have No Idea What It Is)


September 7, 2022

Lindley Battle

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO has become one of the most commonly used terms when it comes to anything related to marketing and branding. But if you’ve never heard of it, or you’re just not clear on what it is, you might be feeling that instant panic—the all too familiar, “Wait, what?” moment everyone has experienced. 

Don’t worry; we’re right there with you. Well, we used to be. Now, though, after swimming through the unclear waters of SEO, we’ve learned what it is, how to explain it, and why it’s necessary to level up your creative business.

Let’s break it down!

What does SEO mean?

Again, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it has everything to do with how visible and discoverable your website is to potential viewers. Have you ever googled a random topic and seen specific results pop up first? 

For instance, if you type “yoga pants” into your search engine, you’ll likely see ads and links to top brands like Alo Yoga, Athleta, Lululemon, and more. The most popular websites (with strategic SEO plans) rank at the top of the search engines. Ideally, your website will be able to do that, too!

How does SEO work?

SEO works slowly over time by using strategy to enhance your overall score on top search engines. Basically, when you have a higher ranking on search engines, your website sees more views, which can turn visitors into true clients of your business. 

By sharing regular & relevant content to your target audience, you can improve your SEO ranking—but, again, it takes time! You have to be incredibly purposeful and patient, and this journey starts with strategy.

Why is SEO necessary for my business?

SEO affects your business primarily due to the traffic that your website sees. Obviously, your goal is to have as many daily visitors to your website as possible so that you can hopefully convert them from strangers to loyal clients! 

The more engaging and intentional you are with the content you share on your website, the more likely you are to improve your overall search engine ranking. From blog posts to brand imagery, there’s a host of tips you can use to boost your SEO.

How does SEO connect to strong brand images?

Brand images are likely going to be the first impression someone walks away with after scrolling through your site. That’s why you need consistent, high-quality images to both portray your professional side and offer up some personality. 

Well, how does my visual branding strategy connect to SEO, you’re wondering? When you select images to present on your website, you can include keywords in the backend. Essentially, these keywords will be picked up by search engines, which will increase the probability of people finding their way to your website. It’s a sneaky win for you!

So, now that you’ve had an SEO lesson forced upon, let’s bring it back around to your overall branding strategy. Since your brand is the story of who you are and how you connect with your ideal client, an integral piece of your strategy is to actually find your way to this target or dream person. You need a strong, polished website—one with a blog and cohesive photography. Without this type of appealing content that draws a response and reaction from your audience, your website will remain stagnant when it comes to SEO.

Investing in an expert—whether that be a brand photographer or website auditor (hey, hi, hello, we do both)—is a critical step toward your next big growth period.

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