Not Using Hooks is Killing Your Social Media Growth


June 20, 2023

Lindley Battle

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Social Media

Listen up, business owners – the truth of social media is this:

Most people *aren’t* on here to learn. Period. End of story.

Most people are on here to turn off their brain and consume content. They want to see photos of gorgeous vacation spots, outfits they should buy, people they don’t know happily wandering the streets of Paris doing things they wish they were doing. And then, yes, maybe they do want to consume the occasional piece of relevant education-driven content – but that’s likely not what’s catching their eyes from the start.

I know what you’re thinking – you have great content. You have a message people need to know. They *should* want to immediately consume your content – it is valuable, after all! And while that’s absolutely true, and all we do over here is preach delivering value on social media, the rules are changing when it comes to the delivery.

Social media is absolutely inundated daily with content, and as a result, so is your audience

Your content needs to stand out from the get-go. Certainly to appeal to new followers from the explore page, but even just to remain relevant to your current audience. Hooks are one of our favorite ways to immediate grab attention for our clients when sharing educational posts – keep reading on for a few of the strongest hooks you can use, and meaningful ways to use them.

Negative Hooks

“Not using hooks is killing your growth”

“Five things you should never do on in X industry”

Negative hooks present a problem, and if your audience can relate at all, they’re likely to click and read further. Make sure it’s something specific enough that it’s interesting, but general enough that it relates to a solid group of people.

Result-Oriented Hooks

“How I gained 10,000 followers in a month using recycled content”

“How I lost 40 pounds in two weeks while eating ice cream”

Think about the goals of your ideal audience, and then reflect on the times that you helped a client (or yourself) reach that ideal outcome. Be specific here.

Storytelling Hooks

“How I went from selling yoga pants to owning a six figure business…”

“About the one time we accidentally started a company…”

Storytelling hooks begin with a captivating story or anecdote that captures your audience’s attention, and creates an emotional connection with them.

Statistical Hooks

“Did you know that 90% of people fail at their New Year’s resolutions within the first month?”

“The average user opens TikTok 19 times per day.”

Statistical hooks present a surprising fact or statistic that people are likely to click on so that they can learn more – either because they relate, or because they’re surprised.

Controversial Hooks

“Why traditional marketing is dead and social media is the future.”

Controversial hooks share a bold or controversial statement, maybe even one that contradicts typical education in your industry. If done well, these should spark discussion and also showcase your unique expertise.

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