When to Outsource Your Social Media


June 24, 2023

Lindley Battle

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We get it.

It’s hard to take the first step when it comes to outsourcing your social media. You may not think you really need to yet. You may not think you can afford it yet. You may not think it’s really going to make that big of a difference when it comes to your business – after all, it’s doing fine without strategic social media.

Well, we’re here to tell you that if you can resonate with anything in the next few slides, you’re missing out on the huge opportunity that social media offers for your brand or business – and we’re here to help make that end today.

You Lack Strategy

You have absolutely no strategy, and are posting as though you’re throwing darts at a dart board… a mile away. You’re constantly wondering what to post, what caption to attach, what hashtags to use, and whether any of it is worth the time it takes… so you’re trying whatever you can, and hoping that something will stick.

Not Posting is Taking More Time Than Posting

You open your Instagram (or the app that you pay for monthly to schedule your Instagram) and spend 30 minutes staring at the screen, re-arranging a few photos for the grid, typing an idea or two before you close it again without posting a single thing. Sound familiar?

It’s Detracting from Running Your Business

Between the constant opening and closing of Instagram, the on the fly attempt to actually emulate strategy, the angsting over creating “the perfect grid” vs. actually communicating a strong and strategic message, the time investment on not outsourcing is already creating a massive loss for your business.

It Simply Isn’t Working

You’re not growing, not selling, not creating brand loyalty, and not posting. If this is you, it’s time to change, because you’re sleeping on sales, growth, ease, and quite simply the chance to do more of what you love, and less of what you don’t. We’re here to make this part of your business easy and fun – DM us to learn more!

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