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Strategy and soul.
Design and execution.
Aesthetics and conversion.

You can have it all.

What started off over ten years ago as simple brand photography has turned into an incredible team of brand strategists and magic-makers, all formed around the needs we saw from you.

it began as all good things do...

organic growth

What started as a solo brand photographer grew into an agency

And after nearly ten years of photographing for brands, Lindley started to see a lot of common gaps in the world of marketing among business both small and large - enter LB Cultivé Co. Since we fully believe that specialization is incredibly important in anything, and especially marketing, our team grew quickly to accommodate the growing need. We are so proud to serve brands as a comprehensive answer to all of their digital marketing struggles.


Cultivé, from French, translates to cultured, educated, refined. We chose this name not only to describe our clientele, but to truly highlight the journey of becoming this cultured, educated, and refine brand - we are here to cultivate the magic that already exists in your business.

Whether you work with us on a photography level, a social media level, or take advantage of our visual brand audit options, our team of diverse expertise and educational backgrounds will help you intentionally brand the visual presence of your business, with your success as the ultimate collective goal.

and now, let's refine your brand presence.


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Four Day Weekends

Doing Shit Well /

Loving What You Do

Being Present

While we all love a #hustle, the seven day workweek is so over. We want to take the anxiety of marketing away from you, so you can get back to living the kind of life you wanted when you decided to become a business owner in the first place.