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You're in the right place - our team does it all. We are a digital marketing agency that cultivates small business success with strategy-driven visual marketing for all digital platforms.

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Our team of specialists came together to offer business and product photography, website design, social media management, and ongoing business strategy. With over ten years of experience working with everyone from international companies to brand new small businesses, we're here to offer you the two most important things you could have as a business owner - time, and peace of mind.

We are a creative studio that uses brand strategy as a baseline to develop a solid and sustainable visual brand across all marketing platforms. 

POV: You're waiting to hear back from your brand photographer so that you can send images to your web designer, who will take a week to get back with the updated content that you then have to cc to your social media manager, and nothing seems to be happening but it's somehow still requiring your energy.

Newsflast: Digital marketing doesn't actually need to be miserable. Enter, Cultivé Co.

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Hello, I'm Lindley Battle

A brand photographer obsessed with strategy, problem solving, and a strong Manhattan.

After ten years as a brand photographer working with clients in all different walks of business (and life), I couldn't help but notice the gaping holes in the visual branding world. Now, I'm thrilled to work with a team of incredibly talented women to help brands discover their true potential, and effectively communicate that in a beautiful way.

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Social Media



Social media done in a way that is actually worthy to reflect the business that you've created. Learn why both small and large businesses across the East Coast trust us to manage their social presence. 

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