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Let’s be clear from the start: We’re talking about how much time you should spend making social media content, not simply digesting it. Although, there’s so much you can learn by exploring different social media accounts, and we’re definitely not discounting that. It’s called research, baby!  The deciding factor in how much time you should […]

How Much Time Should You Spend on Making Social Media Content?


We one-thousand percent preach consistency when it comes to keeping up your social media game, but does that really mean you need to share a post every single day?  Honestly, it depends on your brand.  With all social media platforms, the goal of your consistent presence is to let your followers and potential clients know […]

Do You Need to Post Something on Your Socials Every Day?


The main goal with any visual branding strategy is to know exactly who your audience is. Without this core understanding, you’ll miss out on opportunities to show people engaging content about your business that they can actually relate to. One of the key players in visual branding strategy is (you guessed it) Instagram. So, how […]

Creating Purposeful Instagram Content


As a small business owner in an increasingly digital age, social media has become a necessary part of everyday life. Social media has such a subtly influential effect on consumers who are aimlessly or purposefully scrolling through their feeds, and it’s important to capitalize on that as a business owner—especially since your online presence has […]

The Best Way to Use Instagram to Boost Your Small Business